Who are we and why do we care about an Organic Lifestyle???

My name is Brett Thompson and I am a co-founder of Alltime Organix. My journey to a healthy and organic lifestyle probably started out like many of you. At a very young age I began to struggle with severe heartburn and I began to have numerous digestive issues. The pain from these issues tainted almost every activity I tried to participate in. My heartburn problem started out minor and I would manage the pain with a TUMs or a similar antacid, but as time went on I could barely eat the type of foods I was accustomed to eating without paying for it the entire night and next day. Eventually the pain got to a level where it was seriously hindering my everyday activities.

I have been a baseball player all my life and when my digestive issues were at their peak I could barely get out of bed to play the game I loved. I saw doctor after doctor and they prescribed many medications that only worked for short periods of time. My situation only got worse as time dragged on and it seemed as if my health was deteriorating out of my control. Nothing was helping and to top it off, I also suffered from a few severe sports related injuries, so as you may have guessed, my mental health took a hit as well. It pained me knowing I could do nothing to make my situation improve other than taking pills which modern medicine said I should take. I was tired of only managing my pain so that’s when I decided to make a permanent change in my lifestyle. I began to do research and began eating mostly plant-based organic foods and my life changed for the better. I stopped taking all of my prescribed meditations and expanded my healthy eating choices to an overall healthy and organic lifestyle. Two years later I am more in tune with my health and myself than I have ever been. Now, it is more than just managing my diet, it’s getting in touch with my body via Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga along with developing a positive mindset. By studying various yoga styles I have learned to overcome both my physical and mental struggles during a very rough time in my life. I believe there are many people out there who are dealing with similar issues and I wish to help those individuals. My goal is to spread this healthy and organic lifestyle to as many people as I can, not for personal gain, but to connect us all to a higher, healthier consciousness.


Welcome, my name is Frasier Anderson, co-founder of Alltime Organix. My story begins when, I was born into this life of pre-existing forms and division, with no control of what I ate or what was in my vision. I lived a great childhood observing and learning from the American culture, proudly watching my parents strive and succeed to build their American dream. I was blindly unaware that the need for wealth could get in the way of my family’s health, until my mother was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. When she was diagnosed, I couldn’t wrap my head around why someone I thought was so healthy, could get so sick. The more research I did, the more I started to learn about what health really meant and that is to listen to your own body.

Growing up, I led a very active lifestyle, and although I looked in shape, I had no real knowledge of how to live a healthy and organic lifestyle. I often indulged in large-corporation-produced frozen and fast foods to save time and money, and was not actively paying attention to what I was putting into my body. I was horrified when I began to learn about what the food  products me and my family had previously consumed could do to our health. I then had a desire to find inner peace, which meant nourishing my body with the best nutrients our earth can offer us, so I could help my mom get back to the healthy woman she once was. I read books, I went to health conventions, and I spent hours surfing the web looking for the truth about what the best foods and products to put in my body are; Not only for myself, but for my family, for my friends, and for everyone and anyone I could possibly help. Thankfully, my mom was strong and fought through her illness, even though the doctors treated it like some common sickness. I don’t think anyone of us should have an unhealthy diet, with the increasing amount of knowledge we (scientists) have about our mind and bodies. I am not afraid to look at the root of the problem, which I believe is that as a culture we have strayed away from what this natural Earth can provide us with. Life is all an experience, so I want you all to live your life to your full potential by having a healthy mind, body and spirit. We’re all united together living on this planet and my passion is not only to help life on this earth, but to also help keep this Earth alive and healthy. I’m determined to spread the usage of sustainable energy, reusable goods, and environmentally safe products, along with knowledge of a healthy diet, lifestyle, and mindset. Join us, and creative thoughts, on a  journey to a totally organic and efficient lifestyle, PEACE!